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Managing a luxury yacht is an increasingly complex business. From yacht crew management to technical support, from international yacht safety and security management to operational support: the key to enjoying the beauty of yachting is a well-managed yacht.

Years of experience in luxury yacht management has taught us that the two most important characteristics of an efficiently run yacht are communication and teamwork. At Interyates, we offer superior yacht management to a wide selection of luxury yachts, with our professional, personal and exclusive services focusing on the specific needs and requirements of each yacht, yacht owner and superyacht captain


Operational management leaves no space for error. At Inteyates, we think service and consistency are as important as being adaptable and cost effective. As Yacht Managers we are permanently available to act as your personal point of reference and deliver regular reports on all aspects of the yacht’s operation, including onboard inspections. Our full operational management package assures that your yacht is always operated safely and smoothly. Crewing and technical management (including maintenance planning and support) are part of the package, as well as payments and accounting, cost control and inspections, reporting and our global 24/7 emergency support.

We also have an in-house legal advisor, allowing us to respond quickly, independently and cost-efficiently to any legal questions and issues from reviewing contract clauses to settling insurance claims. We maintain a strict non-commission policy for services rendered to our clients under the management agreement. The many discounts we are able to obtain from suppliers are always credited to the owners and there is no mark-up whatsoever on our services. After all, integrity is our hallmark.


A luxury yacht is a significant investment; whatever the size, yachts are valuable assets and require careful management, from rigorous financial management to employing a trusted crew and running a well-orchestrated diary. Our management services ensure that your yacht is being maintained, operated and administered to the highest possible standards, leaving you free to enjoy your time on board with family and friends. We provide seamless and exceptional shore-side support to ensure all aspects of your yacht are dealt with efficiently. Our yacht management team have skills, knowledge and experience across a comprehensive range of services. From cost control for the operation and maintenance of your yacht, to every aspect of operating it, we operate with efficiency, transparency and, of course, accountability.

Crew Recruitment


Your yacht is effectively an extension of your home and you will spend some of your most precious moments there; whether it’s enjoying a family cruise, celebrating a loved ones birthday or exploring a new destination, you want to make sure that you can relax and enjoy every moment on board. Interyates understands this, and the need for your vessel to be run safely and efficiently and will work with you to understand your requirements and then find the most suitable crew members to be employed on your yacht.

Our aim is to hand-pick the most appropriate shortlist of potential crew members. Crew placement is about truly understanding every aspect of the vacant position so we can find you specific individuals with the relevant qualifications, personality, experience and skill set. Working closely with, our subsidiary company, we are constantly networking with literally tens of thousands of crew members face-to-face, on the telephone and via the internet.


All marine vessels, including your yacht, have to follow safety protocols at sea. The most vital of these are the International Safety Management (ISM) Code and the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code.

The ISM Code was implemented by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) to maintain an international standard set of safety and pollution prevention rules. The ISPS Code, which is an amendment of Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS), deals with the minimum safety requirements. Governments and marine vessels (like your yacht) are supposed to adhere to these. Preventative measures are taken if safety requirements are not adhered to.

Special Projects


Every yacht service carried out by the yacht management, and crew is accounted. Some of the obvious expenditures include maintenance and repair of the yacht. Others include general everyday transactions for the running of the yacht and crew. For general transactions, setting up a separate bank account in a common currency (like EUR) allows more manageable payment. According to your preference, you can keep a check on all the expenditures on a weekly, monthly, or annual basis. An in- house accountant can take care of this.

A comparison of the budget and the amount spent is also shown to see whether there has been adherence to the budget or whether yacht maintenance will need a higher capital. Keeping a check on the accounts of the yacht is of upmost importance. Allowing a proper accountant to carry this out is also a good idea for increased validation and potential resale in the future. A Yacht broker will look for clean up to date accounts to prepare for potential buyers.


Technical support management encompasses each and every aspect that allows a yacht to function safely. It includes maintenance and upkeep, repair and fixing, scheduled servicing, buying equipment, and spare parts required on board from vendors and outsourcing captains and crew for safe handling of the Yacht. In case of an accident, the technical support team can provide crew with a blueprint for each and every part of the ship along with spare parts for fixing while simultaneously trying to get in touch with nearby coastguards or vessels. This way, not only the Engineers and qualified crew ensure the Safety of the Yacht, technical management can help with multiple security solutions by way of a DPA (designated person ashore) who the Captain and crew can contact for assistance 24/7

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Much like any machinery requires frequent servicing to fix any possible problems and boost functionality, yachts need servicing as well known as planned maintenance. Since the risks of yachts at sea are much higher, yacht maintenance has to be well planned and organised to ensure as little downtime as possible. Longer extended planned maintenance period often take place in local shipyards. Some Yachts go back to the original Yacht Builder to have warranty works performed or major refits. Superyacht management implement a plan to ensure the Yachts safety and security is upto date and guest ready at all times.


Yacht refitting is like a complete remodeling of your yacht. However, a yacht refit involves more than just a change in decor. It includes repairs, maintenance, renovation, servicing, remodeling, reconstruction, and any other possible improvements. Usually, there are two primary reasons for yacht refits. When yachts age, their different parts age as well and slowly, your yacht starts to fall apart. A proper yacht refit, however, can get rid of all these problems and make your yacht look like new! A second prominent reason for a large yacht refit is when there’s a change in ownership. If a yacht is sold or auctioned off, then the new owner usually opts for a yacht refitting to showcase the change in ownership and readjust it according to their own likes and preferences. A new interior design, new custom paint job, extensions, additional features. A Yacht broker will look for clean up to date accounts to prepare for potential buyers.

Yacht Refits
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You’re probably not using your yacht every day of every week. A great idea for your private yacht in such cases is to convert it into a commercial yacht. The idea is that a charter management company and the owner of a yacht can conduct a commercial transfer after registration.The yacht owner can save money for maintenance, technical support, security, and safety measures, which makes for a great way to generate some business as well. Charter costs can be upwards of 1 millions dollars per week for the Large Luxury Yachts so it can be a good idea to Charter your yacht and also generate interest should it be on the market for sale.


We take care of everything from negotiations and contract administration to financial management and reporting. We will carefully manage your calendar, generating charters around your private use, so you can enjoy our yacht without worrying about the logistics.

We use software to cover all aspects of the Yacht operations. The software facilitates communication between Owener / Crew / Management / Family Office / Owners Rep, for all Administrative, Financial, Technical, Maintenance, Human Resources, Security and Legal affairs.

Easing the workload and processes for Officers, Pursers, with a secured and professional communication flow between the Yacht the Team ashore, it breeds efficiency and transparency.

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